Pro Mountings Acquires Aqua Training Bag Brand

Pro Mountings Acquires Aqua Training Bag Brand

Innovative Fitness Industry Leaders Join Forces to Expand Product Offerings and Enhance Customer Experience

NEW YORK, NY - Pro Mountings, a leading manufacturer and provider of high-quality punching bag mounting systems and fitness equipment, is excited to announce the acquisition of the renowned Aqua Training Bag brand from Lippert. This strategic move unites two innovative forces in the fitness industry, broadening the range of products and services offered to fitness enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

A New Era in Fitness Solutions

Pro Mountings has established a reputation for its durable, USA-made mounting systems, catering to both commercial gyms and home fitness enthusiasts. With a product line featuring various heavy bag mounts, pull-up bars, and unique fitness equipment, Pro Mountings has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the fitness equipment sector.

The acquisition of Aqua Training Bag, known for its high-quality, water-filled punching bags, marks a significant expansion of Pro Mountings' product portfolio. Aqua Training Bag's unique design offers a different feel and impact absorption compared to traditional sand-filled bags, making them a popular choice among boxing and fitness enthusiasts.

Expanding Horizons

This acquisition signals a commitment to providing a more comprehensive range of fitness equipment and solutions. The merger of these two brands is expected to bring enhanced product innovation, improved customer service, and expanded distribution channels.

Pro Mountings CEO, Royce Negron, commented on the acquisition, saying, "We are thrilled to welcome Aqua Training Bag into our family. This acquisition aligns with our mission to deliver high-quality, innovative fitness solutions. Together, we will continue to revolutionize the fitness industry and provide our customers with an unparalleled experience."

Future Endeavors

Pro Mountings is committed to continuing the development of innovative products and services. The combined expertise of Pro Mountings and Aqua Training Bag is set to bring forth new advancements in fitness technology and equipment design, further cementing their position as leaders in the fitness industry.

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