Mike Tyson X Aqua Training Bag

Former heavyweight champion boxer ‘Iron Mike’ chooses Aqua Bag as his first choice for heavy bag and slipball training.


Reduce Impact, Train Like The Baddest Man On The Planet:

Mimicking the feel of hitting an actual body, our water-filled bags absorb joint impact, letting you unleash devastating uppercuts safely.

Stay in prime shape longer, keeping the intensity high while training like the legend.

Working with Aqua Training Bag

Trusted by Champions: Aqua Training Bag has a rich history of collaboration with professional boxers and top-tier gyms.

Filmed at Tyson Ranch, our session with Mike Tyson showcases why even the toughest athletes choose our gear.

Iron Mike insists, "I only bring a bag into my personal gym if it meets my standards," and we're proud that Aqua Training Bag makes the cut.


The fight is scheduled for July 20th

Mark Your Calendars: The fight is scheduled for 07/20/24 and will be streamed on Netflix.

Get ready as Jake Paul, the controversial YouTube star turned boxer, takes on the legendary Mike Tyson.

This bout promises to blend experience with new-school tactics in a showdown that will be talked about for years to come.

Don't miss this epic event where two different eras of boxing collide.

The Mike Tyson slip

Tailored for developing quick reflexes and evasive bob & weave techniques, the Headhunter Slip Ball Bag comes in both 15lb and 35lb.

This training tool is essential for fighters looking to enhance their ability to move and react with the same finesse as Kid Dynamite's famous 1980's head movements.

It's the perfect bag for those striving to increase their speed and maneuverability in the ring, following the footsteps of Tyson's rigorous training style.

It’s not just Mike who loves our water-filled heavy punch bags


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Aqua Training Bag is the #1 choice of Boutique Boxing Studios, Fitness Clubs, MMA Gyms & Universities