Revolutionize Your MMA Training With a Water Filled Heavy Bag

Revolutionize Your MMA Training With a Water Filled Heavy Bag

MMA is the melting pot of the fighting world, with techniques and moves borrowed from boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and others. To be a great MMA fighter, you need to master other forms of fighting first. It’s easy to forget that boxing is an essential training tool that can be used to become a real competitor in the MMA.

Boxing is highly effective at building your stand-up conditioning, which is essential in MMA. Many fighters rely on cardio to build stamina, and while running or jumping rope are a good place to start, boxing is much more efficient as it allows you to build your stamina, practice striking, and add to your technique, all at the same time. Incorporating heavy bag workouts into your MMA training is a great way to grow as a fighter.

Not all bags are created equal

An Aqua Punching Bag is filled with water, not sand or other soft/hard fill materials. Thanks to the physical attributes of water, a water filled heavy bag will swing far less than a traditional punching bag. And since the human body is 60% water, boxing on an Aqua Training Bag will give your training a more realistic feel, conditioning you for the ring. The flexibility of water filled heavy bags allow for more give when you strike them, so you can punch harder and train longer than you would be able to with a traditional punching bag.

Learning how to box will teach you to react, and think, quicker than MMA training alone. As there are no kicks or takedowns in boxing, you need to teach your mind to react to your opponent much faster, with more limited movements. Boxing as a sport moves much faster than MMA. Forcing you to think fast, and outsmart your opponent in a matter of seconds. Training your mind to react quickly through boxing will drastically benefit you once you’re in the cage.

The Aqua Training Bag will work you out without being tough on your body

With a traditional heavy bag, hard punches, powerful strikes and any miscalculated strikes or misaligned hits can result in injury to your knuckles, hands, wrists, arms, or shoulders. These types of injuries can be detrimental to a fighter, and set back training for months. Not to mention the potential for permanent damage. An Aqua Training Bag greatly reduces this risk with its flexible water filled center. Water filled heavy bags are designed to absorb your exerted kinetic energy, resulting in less pain, fewer injuries, increased endurance, and more efficient training. Aqua Training Bags are made with a commercial grade outer skin, so even though they’re easy on your body, they remain tough enough to withstand professional-level strikes, and powerful kicks.