Benefits of Training with a Water-filled Boxing Bag

Benefits of Training with a Water-filled Boxing Bag

Professional boxers and high profile coaches are now turning away from traditional boxing bags and bringing the Aqua Training Bag® into their gyms. Our boxing bags help to build stamina, power, and strength, without the damaging impact on your joints.

Whether boxing is your sport of choice, or just a fun way to get your workout in, the benefits are the same across the board. Boxing does incredible things for you physically and mentally. Aside from an increase in overall athleticism, boxing is a great way to learn to defend yourself, increase full-body awareness, agility, coordination, and manage your daily stress in a healthy way.

Boxing is a strength and cardio workout in one

Boxing keeps your blood pumping and your heart working at maximum efficiency. The moderate stress boxing induces on both your heart and lungs pushes your body to work harder, regulate itself more efficiently, and enhance circulation, which floods oxygen into your muscles. Most cardio workouts utilize only the bottom half of the body (think cycling, running, stair steppers etc.) but boxing makes use of your core, back, chest and arms as well as your lower half. This type of cardio increases stabilizer muscle mass resulting in every major muscle group in your body becoming more toned, including smaller muscles that are naturally neglected. Boxing also strengthens the core with every turn and twist you make, and pushing back against the resistance of the boxing bag engages your muscles more than doing repetitive situps or crunche

Why a water-filled training bag may be right for you

Boxing naturally increases HGH (a hormone with life-extending properties) production in the body when you approach maximum VO2 levels (between 75% and 90%). Hard sparring, or vigorous training on the boxing bag, will help you achieve these levels. But with the high intensity of these workouts, and the volume of training it takes to achieve those VO2 levels, you’ll need to be able to hit the bag for longer.

A traditional heavy bag doesn’t absorb much of the shock from hits, causing the impact to put stress on your body which then tires you out and results in less-than-optimal training. The high kinetic shock absorption of an Aqua Training Bag®, combined with its low impact qualities, allows for longer training sessions with less stress to the body. Meaning you can hit harder for longer and really make the most of your session.

Train your mind while you train your body

The mental benefits of boxing are also impressive. Training helps you develop kinesthetic intelligence, a true mind-body connection that increases bodily and spatial awareness as well as increasing your working memory. Regular boxing sessions are a fantastic way to manage stress, promote faster reflexes, and develop a new sense of self-confidence. Training improves your performance (practice makes perfect!), good performance increases your confidence in being able to perform well, and that increase in confidence helps to raise self-esteem and sense of self. Boxing promotes self discipline and trains you to act quickly while still being precise and calculated in your responses, which is a beneficial trait that you can take with you out of the gym and into your everyday life